[News] 12 people died and 5 are missing due to heavy rain in Chitral

Chitral (Chitral Tiems): Due to heavy rain and flashing 12 people died and 5 people and missing in Chitral. On the evining of Thursday due to the heavy rain and flashing while people were busy having their meals the floods washed away 25 houses and damaged many others.

To rescue and provide aid FOCUS humanitarian Programme, Scouts, Volunteers and local community reached for help. It is said that due to flooding there are shortage of basic food items and medicines but the local administration has not provided any support yet.

One of the main reasons for the flooding is said to be the over grazing of nearby mountains by goats and sheeps. Due to overgrazing the greenery is lost on the mountains and they have become barren as a result even a low level of rain is causing flooding which often take tool on precious lives and prorperty in the valley down.


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