Issues in the Students Relief Fund (SRF) for Areas Affected by Attabad Disaster

In a meeting held to discuss the issues of Students Relief Fund by the government of Gilgit-Baltistan represented by the community members, Chairman Gojal Students Ismaili Students Association Karachi (GISAK) and Chairman, The Pak Hunza-Gilgit Social and Welfare Organization (PHGSWO) it has been highlighted that there are two ambiguities in the notification issue by the Government of Gilgit-Baltistan.

1)       It states that Students Releif Fund would be provided to the students studying in the private and public institutions of Gilgit-Baltistan.

2)      The name of Samanabad is not included in the listed of affected areas.

Regarding the above point # 1, it was clear from the announcements of government , including that of Prime Minister of Pakistan that students belonging to the disaster hit areas of thesil Gojal, Attabad, Sarat and Salmanabad will receive Students Relief Fund, wherever they are studying in any corner of Pakistan. Due to lake of necessary educational institutions as well as due to the lake of economic opportunities students have to travel to other areas of Pakistan either alone or with parents to get education.

If the Students Relief Fund, is being restricted to only those students who are studying in the public and private institution located within Gilgit-Baltistan than the purpose of the relief fund will be lost. So it is desired to make necessary correction in the notification to include all the public and private institution in which students from affected areas are studying.

Regarding the second point, it seems that the name of Salmanabd is missed by mistake. It is well in the knowledge of the authorities concerned that people of Salmanabad are living in camps at Karimabad. Same as other village of Thesil Gojal, the village of Salmanabad is cutoff from the rest of the world as the only bridge that was linking Salmanabad with KKH has been removed.

The Authorities at the Directorate of Education Gilgit-Baltistan need to take immediate action without making students suffer any more.

Students Relief Fund Form


One Response to Issues in the Students Relief Fund (SRF) for Areas Affected by Attabad Disaster

  1. Safder Khan says:

    I have found little inacuuracy in Spelling in Point (ii) i.e Samanabad/ Salmanabad. Need consideration on this. Remaining I would like to suggest other social/Welfare instituitions to mobilize as GISAK and Pak Hunza Welfare Organization are already on track.
    Relief Fund should be availed by all deserving students who became the victim of Attabad Disaster either they are in Gilgit Baltistan or in anywhere in country.

    Safder Khan

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