Save Upper Hunza (Gojal) from Riaz Malik

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Luxury Islamabad StyleIf the saga of Islamabad’s Centaurus ‘development’ didn’t make you throw up, here is something that might…

Arguably one of the richest men in Pakistan and a front man for the uniformed mafia, Malik Riaz Hussain, and his Bahria Town Co. are bringing a golf resort to its capital.

Isn’t this just what the city needs?  Given that tourists will be flooding in with their golf clubs we need to build them about 400 luxury rooms and rake in the dollars. 

This is the capital of a country that has its minions rushing around with begging bowls, its ‘friends’ turning their back to it, IMF imposing back-breaking conditions, a compromised judiciary, a lawyers movement gone sour, its top two political parties filled with opportunists, the other parties full of fantasists concerned more about the next promised world rather than setting things right here. 

A city that has power outages throughout the day, its roads mired by security blockades, manned by AK-47 armed personnel themselves worried when a crazy terrorist may blow himself in their faces. 

Islamabad lacks regular water supply – it steals water from Pindi’s reservoir.   Its gutter system has failed with much of its sewage now flowing in rainwater drains. 

Though better than other cities, its schools have incompetent teachers, its universities full of academics who can’t give a half-decent lecture, let alone rationally discuss issues of social revival and sustainability.

The cheapest set of golf clubs for a single player costs as much as the yearly salary of an average worker. 

Why bother about these toiling millions; let’s play golf. Source


3 Responses to Save Upper Hunza (Gojal) from Riaz Malik

  1. Tahira says:

    Many thanks for putting up very thought provoking article. Hope it will serve as an eye opening for all the people of HUnza. Just a humble suggestion, please get this articled translated in Urdu and be published in all the local news papers of GB, so this info reaches to maximum people. Am sure this will help changing people’s opinion towards this so called philanthropist and his crook aides, who are facilitating him to make an entry for long term malicious intentions.
    Through this plate form, I request all the brothers and sisters to stand up, raise your voice and show him thump down.

    May Allah gives us wisdom and enable us to differentiate between friend and enemy.

  2. Reshma says:

    A quick social awareness among the masses is needed about this issue. i will agree with Tahira about its translation and dissimination. I hope people think over before they accept any offer from anyone…. AKDN itself is the best institution to decide and lead us all.

  3. Wasiq Sajad says:

    Wht You Gilgitis especially that hunzais used to be passimists. Your so called visidom enought 4 retrogression.

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