Controversy over the Widening of Spillway at Attabad Lake Hunza

The issue of widening spillway has taken a new turn when the people from low-lying areas of Nagar valley have taken a strong position against the demands for the widening of the spillway.

It is to remember that due to the narrow water pass at the barrier of the Attabad lake, water outflow is lower than its inflow, due which it is continuously submerging land in the villages of upstream of upper Hunza (Gojal). In order to protest against government inaction people form Gojal had reached to the spillway on June 17 and 18 and started to widening spillway under very dangerous conditions. The work of widening spillway was stopped when high officials of National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) assured people that within ten days government will take appropriate measure through a controlled blasting of the boulders in the spillway, since than three days have already passed but no action has been noticed.

On the other side, the representative of Nagar in the GBLA, Muhammad Ali Akhtar, who is the Finance Minister has threatened to breaking the legs of those who will push the idea of widening of the spillway. Same as the Home secretary he declared those who are working on the widening of the spillway ‘traitors of Pakistan’.

Muhammed Ali Akhter and Mirza Hussain both hails from Nagar Valley and considering that in case of flooding due to the widening of the spillway it may cause damage to the low lying areas of Nagar Valley have threaten to take stringent action.

The words used by Muhammad Ali Akhter ‘traitors of Pakistan’ and words used by home secretary Mr, Lodhi ‘agents of the enemies of Pakistan’ have been highly condemned all over Gilgit-Baltistan and they both have been asked to apologies in public.


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