Volunteers working on Widening Spillway at Attabad Lake, Hunza are Enemies of Pakistan- Home secretary appointed by Government of Pakistan in Gilgit-Baltistan

Photos By: Zulfiqar Ali Khan

Home secretary of Gilgit-Baltistan, Mr. Asif Bilal Lodhi, declared the volunteers who are working on the widening of the spill way to save their homes and lands from submerging “Agents of the enemies of Pakistan”.

It is to be remembered that the home secretary Mr. Asif Bilal Lodhi  has forgotten the intentional ill promises and commitments of the former Governor of Gilgit-Baltistan regarding opening up of the spillway within a week and within 15 days after the Attabad Disaster. So that Qamar Zaman Kaira and former Chairman NDMA, General (Ret.) Farooq, should they not be agents of enemies of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan. Mr. Asif Bilal Lodhi should go back and check all the records available and the current situation of the people of Gojal, Hunza, he would find correctly that who are the agent of the enemies of Pakistan is. Most probably he may found himself at the side of the enemies.

Let it be understood that the current movement and struggle by the resources less people to take charge of what government has not been able to do with claimed expenditure of 80 million rupees is a big humiliating slap on the faces responsible people. Those who are involved in not taking appropriate major are now under tremendous pressure of peaceful and issue resolving orientation of the people through self-help.

It is stunning to declare these peaceful people as criminals and enemies and threatening them to put them behind bars and apply on them state sponsored violence is highly condemnable.  It should be otherwise, those who are responsible for causing  to thousands of people to lose their homes, lands and all economic measure such as Qamar Zaman Kaira, Gerneral (Ret.) Farooq Nadeem, Chief Minister of Gilgit-Baltistan Syed Mehdi Shah, Speaker Warzir Baig and Technocrat Member of GBLA Mutabiat Shah should be put behind the bars. Charged must be lodged against them for conspiracy to cause loss to the state of Pakistan through their negligence, inaction and criminal lies because of those Pakistan has lost its link with its highly important strategic partner China, billions of trade has suffered, people have lost billions of property and emotional suffering.

Supreme court of Pakistan should take immediate action on this issue and dispense its justice regarding who are the enemies of Pakistan, the volunteers who are trying to benefit Pakistan through self-help or those government representatives and officials who have caused unlimited loss to the state.




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