[News] Boat Service Resumed from Central Hunza to Upper Hunza (Gojal) on Attabad Lake


File Photo: HV

The Boat Service between Central Hunza and Upper Hunza (Gojal) has been restored. According to the administration of Hunza-Nagar District, keeping all options on the table and with a careful review of the Attabad Lake situation it is decided that the boat service will be resumed on the Attabad Lake. The boat service will be available only for transporting goods and people will be still using helicopter services.

 It is to be remembered that after January 4, 2010 Attabad Disaster Hunza River was blocked  and a Lake formed causing  35 KM of Karakuram High Way (KKH) submerged into the water for the lake which has stranded 25000 people in upstream of Attabad Lake in Thesil Gojal (upper Hunza).

On May 27 the boat service which was used for transportation of goods and people was suspended because of the fear of the outburst of the lake as was stated by experts. However, since May 29 the water is flowing through spillway smoothly and slowly, for more than a week the water outflow from the lake remained stable at outflow of water 5300 cusecs.

The suspension of boat service has caused a lot of trouble for people in Upper Hunza Gojal as they could not have access to food, medicines and other essential relief items as they were completely depended on helicopter service. The helicopter service was depended on weather and from time to time due to bad weather helicopter services suspended, causing further stress.

The government Administration in Hunza stated that everyone knows the situation of the lake is now stable and there is nothing to be afraid of a dangerous breaking of the Attabad Lake blockage. However, we are depending on experts opinions, they still do not clear state the stability of Lake Barrier because they are afraid if things will turn worse than they would be blamed.  We have to go keeping in view experts statements to be cautious.

Keeping this all scenario currently boat service operators have been allowed only to transport goods only and strict conditions have been imposed on operator so the safety should be ensured. The boats are of two engines and could carry 15 tons of weight.


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