[News] Pakistan and China to pursue rail link between Havelian and Khunjerab-PM

ISLAMABAD, Jun 9 (APP): Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani Wednesday said China’s support for Pakistan’s security, stability and economic development is a source of strength.He thanked China for its steadfast support and solidarity to Pakistan through thick and thin and termed Pakistan-China relations a central pillar of Pakistan’s foreign policy.The Prime Minister expressed these views at the start of bilateral talks held between Pakistan and China here at the PM House on Wednesday evening.The Chinese delegation was headed by Vice Premier Mr. Zhang Dejiang.Pakistan and China on at the conclusion of the bilateral talks also signed five agreements.

The Prime Minister said that Karakoram Highway is the most vital trade and strategic link between Pakistan and China and its upgradation would greatly help boost economic ties.
Unfortunately, some sections of Karakoram Highway, he added, have come under deep water of Attabad lake, caused by recent landslides. Pakistan would like a Chinese technical team to evaluate the situation of Karakoram Highway, in the wake of creation of Attabad lake, with a view of its urgent restoration, he added.

He called on the Government of China to consider immediate assistance for Pakistan for construction of a bypass on KKH to re-open it for traffic and to facilitate issuance of visa permits and licenses to the personnel of the transport companies and business houses involved in arranging much needed surplus from China to the people of Hunza and other affected areas near Attabad lake.

Pakistan, he maintained, is keen to pursue rail link between Havelian and Khunjerab, which would provide a direct link between Pakistan and China. The Gwadar port, he said, will provide an optimal trade route for China, Pakistan and the Central Asian States after completion of Havelian Khunjerab rail link.

Vice Premier Mr. Zhang Dejiang, assured that China would take every possible measure to rectify the trade imbalance between the two countries. He stated that relevant Chinese Ministries and departments will be directed to give top priority and favourable consideration to the specific projects proposed by the Prime Minister for assistance and cooperation in the fields of infrastructure connectivity, telecommunications, agriculture, energy, water conservation, and railways.
The Chinese Vice Premier greatly appreciated Pakistan’s role as a frontline state against terrorism.

In the wake of economic losses to Pakistan in fighting war against terror, he assured, China would extend unilateral concessions to Pakistan in trade and commerce.


5 Responses to [News] Pakistan and China to pursue rail link between Havelian and Khunjerab-PM

  1. Karim Alam says:

    On one side the Prime Minister says that Karakorum Highway is the most vital trade and strategic link between Pakistan and China whereas in contrast to this, his government is mainly responsible for not taking timely measures as promised and causing destruction to more than 30 Kilometers and endangering the rest, by allowing to pileup the huge water reservoir in Hunza.

  2. Joseph Tan says:

    One must look at the geo-political and the wide importance and implication of the rail link between Havelian and Khunjerab rail rather than a tiny, tunnel vision (and a here and now) calamity of single unfortunate incident in the Hunza water reservoir.

  3. Niat Wali says:

    The unending tesion between Sunni and Shia communities in Gilgit, formation of a puppit governerate and increasing poverty level in Gilgit-Baltistan, and on top of it all, articles like this in International Media. God knows what is going on….
    I am based in Gilgit city, and often visit Hunza on official visit but I have never seen any tunnel or any such developments which the writer is reffering to. There are no chiese colonies, except a few capms. Widening of KKH contract was signed between Pak and Chiese Government at the time of Pervaiz Musharaf. Railway Track was part of that contract but current Government led by Zardari reduced the contract to widening of road only.
    Even if the Chises build a railway track accross the Northern Pakistan through to Gawadar and they use the track to export their goods to Gulf and import oil from them, that will have a positive impact on Pak economy and the region of Gilgit-Bltistan will prosper. Why Washington should have concerns over this matter. Had Washington been close neighbour of Gilgit-Baltistan like China, they would have done the same. If China has such plans, what’s wrong with it?

  4. Skardu says:

    It’s a shame that the rail link is being created for the economic benefit of Punjab, unlike in India where the Kashmir Railway which is being built is soley for the benefit of the people of the Kashmir region.

  5. Umar Farooq says:

    question is when we will start these projects?

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