[News] Water inflow and outflow from the lake reached to 4800 cusecs


Photo Curtesy: REUTERS/Abrar Tanoli

Water outflow from the Hunza lake reached to 4800 cusecs. The out flow maintained equal to that of inflow into the lake. Currently there is no danger of outburst of lake however the real test according to expert say when in July the inflow of water will reach to 1200 cusecs.  Keeping in view the current situation and behavior of water as well as considering the composition of debris local wisdom is of the opinion that the spillway will sustain inflow of water to that of outflow even at 1200 cusecs level. Because of the equal inflow and outflow of water from the lake there was no more damage to the property in the downstream of lake in Upper Hunza.

The Advisor to the Prime Minister, Asima Alamgir arrived to Gilgit to assess the current situation of lake and situation of IDPs.  Zafar Waqar Taj said that breakdown of the spillway is out of question and the whole situation is under control.

Mean time due to improved weather conditions helicopter service has been resumed and KKH from Gilgit to Hunza remained open till 4:00 PM for traffic.


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