[News] The water level in Hunza Lake decreased 3 inches

Hunza: The water level in Hunza Lake decreased 3 inches for the first time ever since January 4, 2010.  The decrease in water level caused due to more outflow of water from the lake than inflow. It is expected that as water outflow will be more than inflow the submerged villages of Ayeenabad, Shishkat, Gulmit, and Hussiani will reemerged.

There are conflicting reports regarding the total volume of outflow of water according to government stimates it is 4,220 cusecs, NESPAK consultants say it is 4,850 cusecs where as other sources state it at 5,000 cusecs.

However, IDPs are still not allowed to return or visit their homes as precautionary measures given that NGOs and Government is taking care of the IDPs.

There have been installed the early warning system if the situation at the spill way get to the danger level. At the same time the lake is being monitored through helicopter and cameras.


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