[News] Water outflow equal to inflow in Attabad Lake first Time


Hunza: The expansion of The Attabad lake has stopped upstream  because for the first time  outflow of water 4,800 cusecs through its spillway equalled inflow 4,800 cusecs on Friday since 29 May when water had started to outflow from the lake. At the same time, authorities have resumed a boat service between the Shishkat, Ainabad, Gulmit and Hussainabad and rest of Hunza.  Earlier the service was suspened due to the fear of flooding from the lake, which was causing sever hardship for the people of Gojal.

Zafar Waqar Taj the Deputy Commissioner of Hunza-Gilgit stated that “On Friday, water discharge from the lake at Ganish Bridge, about 10 kilometres from Attabad, was approximately 4,800 cusecs and the inflow was also 4,800 cusecs, So far the situation is normal, but we are monitoring the lake round-the-clock,”

By the end of June and in July the inflow will exceed the 6,000-cusec as glaciers start melting due to rising temperatures. It is also mentioned that the craks around the spillway have increased indicating that it could collaps at any time.

However, Zamir Abbas, Assistant Commissioner of Hunza, said. “Yes, if the outflow and inflow becomes equal, expansion of the lake will naturally stop,” he said, adding that if the outflow surpassed the inflow then water from the submerged villages would recede. However, he hoped water flowing in the spillway would increase gradually because water was eating away banks of the spillway


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