[News] Heavy Rainfall and Helicopter Service Suspended in Hunza

Safdar Karim (Aliabad): Due to heavy rainfall in Hunza the helicopter service between upper Hunza and Hunza has been suspended which is causing hardships to the hundreds of people stranded in Aliabad or Gilgit.

The water outflow from the artificial lake on Hunza River has increased to 2500 cusecs per second where as it is still lower than 3500 cusecs per second inflow of water in the lake. It is causing many more homes and land to be submerged in the upstream villages of Gulmit, Husainni and Passu.

There are prominent cracks around the spillway, around the spill way the upper layer of debries which is made of soil and mud is eroded by water and now heavy boulders are visible which are causing the slow movement of water outflow.

The situation regarding the behavior of water is still precarious, although it is still believed by some expert that once the outflow of water will be equal to that of inflow of water it will put heavy pressure on the debris and will cause flash flooding. At the same time some other group of experts and local people do think that as the debris is composed of heavy boulders and stones it is more unlikely that the water will outburst the blockage so that without flooding the water outflow will increase slow and gradually.

However, government and NGOs working in the area are still having an eye on movement of people to the low lying areas in Hunza, Nagar and Gilgit and are advised to remain far from areas considered to be in danger zone.


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