[Report] Latest Report on June 2, Attabad Landslid Disaster in Hunza-NDMA

Latest Situation

  • Lake Details.  Hunza lake overtopped the spillway on 29 May, currently the total discharge at Ganish Bridge is 1050 cusecs.
  • Lake situation is being monitored with Helicopter.

Displaced Families / Individuals

  • Due to Land Sliding. 141 Houses (1652 individuals) of Village Attabad & Sarat displaced due to land sliding on 4 Jan. Need complete rehabilitation (land, housing and livelihood cash grant).
  • Due to Inundation. Following have been displaced due to inundation (starting from 10 January onwards till date). Their houses / land has submerged and damage assessment is possible only after the recession of water:-
    • Village Ainabad                              32 Houses
    • Village Shishkat                            101 Houses
    • Part of Village Gulmit                    38 houses
    • Hussaini                                        9 Houses
    • Total                                             180 Houses
    • Grand Total: (including Atta Abad & Sarat)        321 Houses
  • Due to Blockage of Access Roads. All the valleys upstream of the lake, to include Shimshal, Sust, Chupurson and Misghar, where no damage has occurred, but people are suffering due to no economic activity and non availability of items of daily sustenance.
  • Displacement as a Safety Measure. Evacuation of endangered population from District Hunza and Gilgit has been completed. Their belongings are intact and safe, however the damage can only be ascertained after the overflow of water from the lake. Details of registered IDPs is as follows:-
  Total In Camps With Host Families
–  Families 2259 * 1523 736
–  Individuals 20330 * 12943 7387
* including Atta Abad / Sarat and villages upstream

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