[Report] Girl IDPs from Attabad and Shishkat taken by Central Asia Institute, Islamabad, are insecure

Sarfaraz from Chipurson-Hunza who represents Central Asia Institute, Islamabad, has threatened for dire consequences if anybody interferes in the matters of girl children he has taken from IDP families of Shishkat and Attabad.

It is to be noted that only girl students from the IDP camps of the displaced families have been taken to Islamabad on false promises. It was learned that currently their situation is highly deplorable and not proper care, safety and security has been provided to them.

When Sarfarz has been contacted he stated that “we have not taken the girls children by force”. When he was further asked if he has contacted the responsible organization working currently with IDPs and other community organization he stated that “we are responsible for none, why we should seek permission from any”.

During talk when he was been asked by the GB Times about the conditions of the girls his behavior was very rude and threatening underline. In the middle of the talk he disconnected telephone line.


9 Responses to [Report] Girl IDPs from Attabad and Shishkat taken by Central Asia Institute, Islamabad, are insecure

  1. Farhad Hunzai says:

    Ooooo it is shocking to know this brutality with our sisters. Immediate enquiry should be made through the courts in Gilgit-Baltistan and responsible person Sarfaraz who belongs to Chipurson Gojal-Hunza should be brought to the books. To serve his masters and his job he has done henious activity.

    DC Hunza-Nagar District is responsible for investigation into the matter, legally IDPs are responsiblity of the Government to protect people from fake and criminal organizationa and Individuals. In this case Mr. Sarfaraz and Central Asia Foundation are criminals if the case is true so immediate action be taken.

    Farhad Hunza
    Legal Expert

  2. inam ullah says:

    it is a malacious crime by the Central Asia Foundation and Mr. Sarfaraz involved in it. The innocent girls should be taken back soon to their parents and an investigation must be conducted against the Asia Foundation, Mr. Sarfaraz and all those responsible for this henious crime.

    Government, civil soicity organization, community and NGOs must take immediate action. The act of Central Asia Foundation and Mr. Sarfaraz are highly condemenable.


    • Tahira says:

      Hi Inam ullah, I understand your concern, just wanted to make the record straight that its neither The Asia Foundation, nor it central Asia Foundation. Its with a name of Central Asian Institute, so all of you are urged to use the right name. As there is a very reputable donor agency called The Asia Foundation, our misquotation may not offend any body there.

      Best regards,

  3. Safder Khan says:

    This scenario seems very awful and terrible. Many questions may arise as the activity executed by Central

    Asia Foundation. There were others ways of caring and assisting the Children of IDPs who are not only

    girls but boys as well. The assistance may be provided in the form of financial assistance while paying the

    fees of children to their concerned schools rather than that of bringing these children to the Islamabad.

    It becomes the responsibility of all social, political organizations and concerned NGOs to take immediate

    action before becoming this scenario much volatile.

    Safder Khan

  4. sakih Ahmed says:

    I agree with the above comments of Safdar and others there were better ways to help the IDP students particulary girls, it can not be understandable that why these girls were taken to Islamabad away from their families.

    Central Asia Foundation and Mr. Sarfaraz should be questioned and investigated in the light of the news regarding poor care and negligence in the matter of these poor girls. Government should take immediate action.

    Sakih Ahmed

  5. Karim Alam says:

    This is indeed a matter of great concern to the people of Gilgit-Baltistan.All those concerned are requested to look into the matter and take remedial measures.

    There should be complete ban on NGOs who want to take the girls on false promises to cities.

  6. Tahira says:

    Yes its very shocking news indeed. To pursue the case, i tried to contact Central Asia Foundation here in Islamabad, to my utter shock and horror i discovered that there is no any INGO registered in Islamabad with such a name.

    Can any body help me in getting their contact no, so that i personally visit the place and provide you all; the first hand information on the issue. In case if i find the girls really insecure and not in safe hands, I will certainly arrange for their repatriation to Hunza to their families.

    Please help me in finding their contact details, all i want this.

    Tahira Noor

  7. The Name of the organization is Central Asia Institute (CAI) its web address is:


    • Tahira says:

      Thanks GB times. Their physical contact details are not mentioned on their webpage, I wrote to them to send me their address and phone numbers. Lets see how they respond. I will keep my fingers crossed till i hear them back.

      Wish me good luck:)

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