[News] Outflow of water increased from the Hunza Lake

Safdar Khan (Aliabad): The water outflow from the Hunza lake is increasing constantly today the water measure outflow is said to be 2540 cusecs as against the inflow of 3500 water. It means the water out flow is 1040 cusecs less than the inflow of water into the lake, which is putting further pressure on village back stream in Gulmit, Shishkat and Ayeenabad while the lake has already extended to Passu with a length of 25 KM.

According the the National Disaster Management the history of the outflow of water his as below: (Water started to overflow on May 29, 2010)

May 29,   300

May 30, 350

May 31, 900

June 1, 900

June 2,  1050


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