There are no chances of flooding in coming 3 days from Attabad Lake

 Zamir Abbas the District Administrator of Hunza stated that “There is no chance of a flood occurring in the next three days as the erosion of the spillway is slow, But that doesn’t mean that the lake will never breach its banks,” he also added that the danger is still very real and the government administration is well prepared to dealt with any situation.

The water outflow has increased from 150 cusecs per second on Sunday to 300 cusecs per second on Monday and it is gradually increasing. The slow discharges of water from the lake turn upside down the experts’ opinion that within 24 hours of water reaching to the spillway there will be major flooding. However the cautious repots of experts have helped a lot to work on taking people to be shifted to the safe places. It is true that the experts opinions was based on the real situation on the ground and the knowledge and experiences of the past, whereas each disaster of this kind does have its unique characteristics which makes it difficult to predict the behavior precisely.

Meanwhile the waterlevel in the lake is also increasing due to the difference between inflow of water into the lake and its outflow. Resultantly more homes come under water in Gulmit and a Jamat Khana (prayer/community hall) has also been dismantled.

Beside it the Karakorum Highway (KKH) remained opened on Monday; the Karakorum International University (KIU) has also started its regular classes as the administration does not see any immediate threat from the outflow of the water from the lake.

The weather in Gilgit-Baltistan is clear as a result the outflow of water from glaciers is constantly increasing.


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