[Editorial] Unpredictable Nature of Hunza Lake

The level of water is continually increasing in the Attabad Lake which is further inundating settlement in the back stream Gojal Valley. According to the NDMA the combined water outflow from seepage and through spillway is about 400 cubic feet per second which is still less than 20% of inflow of the water in the lake. It means that 80% of water is gathering in the lake which is continually threatening the settlement of Passu and backward.

The down cutting of the blockage is currently very low and appears to be limited currently. The reason for the slow erosion is said to be the mixed material of the blockage debris. It is combination of huge boulders, small stones, plants and soil. The boulders and stones in the spillway slows the flow of water hence currently water in the lake is unable to put enough pressure to push its way through the derbies. There is a highly level of confusing and exists a lake of clear understanding among the expers regarding the behavior of the lake water. Initially it was said that 24 hours will be crucial however more than 48 hours has passed but nothing significant has happened.

However, experts are using very strong ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ to explain the situation while describing the situation, the reason is they don’t want to be caught up if the situations turns otherwise they what they have said. It seems that the local administration is somehow does not feel any immediate turmoil that is why they have open the KKH from Gilgit to Hunza for traffic during day time from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM.


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