[News] Outflow of Water Started from Hunza Lake

Hunza: Unexpectedly against all the fearsome predictions of outburst of the blockage of the Hunza lake that was formed due to Attabad Land sliding on January 4, 2010 the outflow of the water remained very low and smooth.  Although it is said that the coming 24 hours will be crucial and it will depends on the speed of glacier melting.  However, it seems that the outflow of the water from the lake may not be much forceful and devastating  rather it will remain more smooth and gradual.

The NGOs  particularly Focus Humanitarian Assistance Programme and Government of Pakistan has made all the arrangements to warn people in case of any untoward situation of emergency. In Hunza and Nagar people have been shifted to from low lying areas to the safe areas in the IDP camps which has reduce significantly the risk for lives of the people. Currently almost 18000 people are living in IDP camps.


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