[News] PPP’s flags are Tourched by affectees of Attabad Disaster, Women and Childern are Protesting on Lake Side in Dengerous Conditions

HUNZA: The landslide-spawned Lake in Ata Abad area of Hunza is persistently rising, leaving the gap between the Lake and the spillway narrowed to only six feet, Geo News reported Saturday.

Meantime, the affected people here have turned all in protest against no announcement by the Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani for immediate relief package and are currently staging a sit-in near the Lake, exposing their lives to an imminent danger of massive disaster.

The government’s tall and inflated claims regarding the provision of electricity, water and other amenities to the camps erected for the affectees from the low-lying areas situated between Hunza Nagar and Gilgit, turned out to be nothing.

The people complained about the non-availability of the facilities at the camps.

Over 250 people mainly children and women from a camp here arrived near the lake and are currently staging a sit-in against the government.

The protesters said the PM Gilani did not announce any relief package for them in his visit here.

According to demonstrators, it is better for them to die in the Lake as it bursts than languish and expire at the camp, adding they would not budge from their current spot until and unless their demands were met.

The protesters raised slogans against the government and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP).

According to Geo News, if the protesters persist where they are at present, it could lead to catastrophic situation, as the gap between the spillway and the Lake whittled down to only six feet.

Also, the continuous landsliding could harm them.

The protesters, with tears in their eyes, told that the government did nothing for their relief, as their relatives including their brothers and fathers are present on the other bank of the Lake in extreme precarious condition.

Meanwhile Chief Minister of Gilgit Baltistan, Mehdi Shah said the government cannot give out aid until the water has been discharged from the lake. He however announced financial assistance worth Rs100,000 rupees for each member of the affected families. On Friday night, the administration tried negotiating with the affectees but talks proved futile. The affectees say their villages have been submerged for the past four months and they have no help from the government.


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