[News] Prime Minister Youf Raza Gillani will visit Hunza today

Prime Minister Youf Raza Gillani will visit Hunza today, ahead of the possible disastrous effects of impending flooding and devastation as result of overflow/outburst of water from Hunza lake.  The Prime Minister is expected to announce a relief and compensation package for the affected people of Attabad Hunza Disaster as government has already announced Rs. 800 millions as an aid package. This is the Prime Minister’s second visit to Gilgit-Baltistan the early one was regarding wining public support for the elections of Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly (GBLA) where PPP is governing now.

File photo courtesy: gecanews

Although the visit of Prime Minister has been welcomed by many circles as it would highlight the sufferings of the people of Hunza they are facing because of the disastrous land sliding and resultant formation of lake and more so when it will out-burst. However, it has been consider too late as the people of Hunza and particularly those in Gojal-Hunza are suffering for five months now. If Prime minister has visited Hunza and given importance to the hardships and taken actions for controlling the expanding lake many people may not have suffered and the upcoming suffering could have been averted.

Prime Minister’s visit to Hunza may be considered late but its should not be just a visit rather should contain a substantially vast package of economic support for the affected people of the Atta bad Disaster. The most important element should be immediate rehabilitation of infrastructure such as roads, bridges and electricity which are going to be suffered heavily in the upcoming days of flooding.


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