[News] Gilani Reaches Hunza- Promised for Rehabilitation Package


photo courtesy: Tribune

HUNZA:  Prime Minister Syed Yousf Raza Gilani visited Gilgit on Friday, May 21, 2010 morning to be personally get in touch with the affected people of Attabad Lake Disaster.

It was expected that he would be announcing a package for relief and compensation of damages but he did not, however, he said that ‘a compensation package for the Attabad lake affectees will be announced soon.’


Prime Minister Addressed a public gathering at the Altit IDP camp in Hunza, Gilani said that water will start flowing over the spillway created by the Frontier Works Organisation within two to three days.  He lauded the efforts of the army, the NDMA and the local administration for their role in dealing with the crisis. But he did not mentioned in his appreciation the role played by NGOs, who are basically providing direct support to the IDPs.

Regarding release of the funds Gilani said that ‘the government is assessing the damage after which funds will be released as needed. He further stated that he will personally make sure that the funds are transferred immediately.

On the occasion the prime minister was accompanied by Information minister Qamaruz Zaman Kaira (former governor of Gilgit-Baltistan) and Interior Minister Rehman Malik.

Around 36 villages may be submerged if the banks of the lake burst. It is expected that 36 village and 40,000 people will be affected by the lake burst. Currently IDPs of affected areas are living in the camps and school in a highly vulnerable situation.


One Response to [News] Gilani Reaches Hunza- Promised for Rehabilitation Package

  1. Hameed says:

    11th hour visit and that even hopeless………….disgusting

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