Salmanabad, Hunza is troubled

This is the story of Salmanabad, a village just two km away from the lake formed after Attabad Disaster. The people of Salmanabad have been shifted to IDP camps located in the Girls Degree College Karimabad, Hunza by the Government on a very short notice of a week, people are devastatingly suffered emotionally and economically.

Salmanabad is a beautiful village with lash green fields and orchards. The major source of income of these people was agriculture, from which on average they were earning Rs. 200,000/= on average per year as was enough to live comfortably. The other major source of income was depended on animals for the purpose of meat, milk, butter and to sale them on need basis. Salmanabad is linked with the rest of Hunza through a Jeepable suspension bridge on Hunza River, which has been now removed by the govt. otherwise it could be the first bridge will be hit by the flooding water of the monstrous lake on Hunza River which is just two KM away. The bridge has been removed so the Salmanabad village is now cutoff from the rest of the Hunza and went in isolation. Most of the food items, fuel and medicines were coming from central Hunza transported through the now removed bridge so now the all sought of communication is blocked.

People of Salmanabad are very unhappy and disturbed to leave their homes, agricultural fields and animals behind them on a very short notice. Aslam a resident of Salmanadabad says that, first the government told us that our area is safe but suddenly they have changed their mind, and shifted us to the IDP camps, if we had known that our village is in danger as well than we may not have put seed and prepare our lands on which we have invested thousands of rupees and hard labor, expecting that on harvest we will earn money for the rest of the year, but now it is all going wasted and we don’t know what will happen in future.

Ali Karim head on another family complains that, it is all happening because of the negligence of the government of Pakistan, if it has taken timely action to release the water from the lake today we may not have to face is miserable situation.

Gul Miri, a lady of the village states that we are worried about leaving our homes, fields, animals and orchards behind us. Our source of living was agriculture we were selling fruits, apples, cherry for our livelihood but know with our children we have to live it all behind us, we don’t know what will happen to us, and we are very disturbed.

The people of Salmanabad, have formed a committee of eight young men and two young women who would be taking risk of their lives in order to take care of the fields, animals and orchards of the whole village, as they cannot dare to live their sole livelihood on the face of an irresponsible government.

(NB) The information of this report is taken from BBC Urdu:


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