[News] Evocation of People in Hunza from their Homes ahead of Flooding from Lake

In Hunza as a precautionary measures boat service that was connecting Gojal with rest of Hunza was suspended because chances of immediate overflow of the water from the lake have increased. Over the last days due to increased flow of water from Passu Glacier the water level in the lake is increasing at a faster rate than was expected.

Photo Cortesy: BBC

Along the river bank in Hunza-Nagar District people from 18 villages have been shifted to safe places. On many occasions emotional scenes have been seen and some people were resisting leaving their homes. However, police and army have been called on duty to take people to the designated safe places.

At the site of debris water has started to seepage from various locations and uptill now 5th seepage has been identified.

Photo Cortesy: http://www.daveslandslideblog.blogspot.com/


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