IDPs from Salmanabad Hunza-Govt. Made Disaster

The village of Salmanabad (Ghamisarat) Hunza is located just beside the Attabad which has vanished now and caused the blockage of the Hunza River resultantly it formed monstrous lake on Hunza River. On January people of Salmanabad were moved to IDP camps in Altit along with the people from Attabad and Sarat, however, the government had shifted them back to their village Salmanabad considering it safe for living. Now once more just after four months government has shifted more than 50 families of Salmanabad to IDP camps located in Girls Degree School Karimabad.

The problems faced by these people are immense, many people of the village do think that the Attabad Landslid was a natural disaster but the following that government of Pakistan has created another disaster. Due to negligence and lack of interest by the government of Pakistan to take immediate action for releasing the water is most serious disaster. Most of the people say that we could have survived our way of life, property, schools and safe career for our children given that government had acted responsibly, thus for much of the suffering that we are facing today the government is alone responsible for it.

In the attached video you could hear more about the problems people are facing in the IDP camps. Eight families are living in one room with little children; they have insufficient food, and medicines. More importantly they don’t know what will come in their future ahead???


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