Life in Gulmit-Hunza During Disastor


One Response to Life in Gulmit-Hunza During Disastor

  1. Brigit says:

    I am a French woman in France. I have been following this disaster since I first read about it on Aljazeera. I have noticed that there could be a lot more earth-moving machinery making a spillway and they could be working around the clock in several shifts to make a spillway as soon as possible but in this video I learned that the workers are few. The engineers of the army talked with a lot of confidence that a solution was coming soon but only 3 or 4 machines on the huge debris pile lets the water rise and destroy more people’s property and life. Also government representative said people affected should not expect much indemity from the government. Under these circumstances, since the government provides so little help, I hope the village mayors or chiefs win the affected villages including downstream from the landslide, could organize a team to work on the problem 24/7. I believe water needs to be pumped or siphoned to the other side even before the spillway is completed to prevent the water level rising more. I am deeply sorry for the hardship the Hunza people are going through.

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