[News] Rumors of Lake Outburst are products of violence induced mind- Chief Minister

The Chief Minister of Gilgit-Baltistan, Syed Mehdi Shah stated that the water from lake on Hunza River will overflow the barrier in one or one and half month but according to David Pately 17 days left for the over flow. He further said there are no chances of out-burst but while the water will start to overflow the barrier it could create floods which would may affect the low lying areas of Hunza-Nagar and Gilgit Districts. He also mentioned that the flooding would damage the property in the mentioned districts.

Chief Minister rejects the chances of panic like situation as according to experts there are no chances of a sudden outburst of the lake barrier. Those who are propagating such rumors are products of ill minds.

CM further said that however, we have made the necessary arrangements regarding food storage for the Hunza and Nagar which may be required in case of the flooding and blockage of the road links. Chief Minister summoned the Secretary of Civil Supply and ordered him to take all the necessary measures to provide the food items to Hunza-Nagar District, particularly the flour. Chief Minister said there will be zero tolerance against those who will be found in the corruption in the supply of food items.

Chief Minister has mentioned that a laser sensitive Alarm System is in place in Hunza-Nagar and Gilgit District to inform early regarding the flooding kind of situation so people could be taken to the safe areas.


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