[News] Govt fully equipped to tackle Hunza landslide lake: Kaira

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ISLAMABAD, (APP): Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira Friday told Senate that the government was fully equipped and alive to tackle the issue of lake created due to landslide in Hunza River, assuring that no imminent threat for colossal loss persists there. Responding to a point of order by Senator Talha Mehmood, the Minster said an early warning system was in place there to warn the people of any untoward situation caused by the blocked river due to the landslide.

“River has been blocked for last three months. It is not merely a wall-like blockade rather it is stretched over 2.5 kilometers in river with an average height of 300 feet,” the minister told the House.

He said besides untiring efforts of local administration, the government had immediately moved a unit of Pakistan Army and teams of NDMA to deal with the catastrophe-like situation and the government has already paid compensation to the families of the deceased and injured.

Kaira said an NGO had also hired a World Bank engineer to conduct a study of the situation and Frontier Works Organization was also assigned the task. He added that on government’s request, China had opened its borders for supply of relief goods.

He said the landslide has also blocked Karakoram Highway but the government had ensured food supply to the affected population through helicopters and has also stored food for coming days.

“There is no immediate solution to it. However, the engineers have assured us that there is no imminent threat of any major loss,” he informed the House.

Kaira said the engineers have made a spill-way in the artificial lake for discharge of water and an early warning system would help warn the people in case of emergency, if any.


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