[Pictory] A Picture talks more than 1000 words of the Suffering of People of Gojal (Upper Hunza)

Photographs Courtesy to: Parveen Roy (PhD Scholar at IED-AKU)

This innocent child was forced to travel from Gulmit to Aliaabad in the cold waters of the monstrous lake on the Hunza River that resulted after Attabad Disaster, with a high fever to get the basic medication. The journey from Gulmit to Aliaabad in the current conditions takes 4 hours, where people have to travel shifting from Van to boat and boat to Van, in addition to foot walking through dangerous and difficult terrain of the debris. Their always exists the threat of land sliding from the mountain above the head and slippery mud under the feet. There were repeated announcement and promises by the government official to establish a full-fledged Health Center in Gulmit, that could cater the basic health care need of the people but still there is no sign of it.The cute and innocent child in the picture is one of hundreds who are suffering at the hands of the insensitive approach of the irresponsible government authorities’ particularly directorate of Health. It is matter of shame for Chief Minister, Governor, Speaker and Technocrat member from Hunza who are just staring at this grave situation.



One Response to [Pictory] A Picture talks more than 1000 words of the Suffering of People of Gojal (Upper Hunza)

  1. Imtiaz Ahmed says:

    I request to the newly formed Govt of GB to deal with Ata-Abad disaster seriously. I know that, Mr. Mehdi Shah is not even able to deal with a single gaam (Mohallah), how he can handle such a big constituency. So I request other officials of current Govt to put some consideration and instant action on this issue.
    Dear residents of Hunza Ata-Abad, our love and prayers are always with you.
    “Girte hain shah sawar hi medan jang me”
    “Woh tifl ki giray jo guthnoo ke bal chalay”.

    Best of Luck for you
    From Mir Imtiaz Astori

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