[News] Dr. Shama Khalid, Governor Gilgit-Baltistan Visited the Attabad Disaster Hit Areas.

Karim Khan (Hunza): During her first visit to Hunza, the Governor met with the affected people from Attabad and Sarat at Altit, where 141 families are living in school camps. Governor assured the people of Attabad and Sarat to speed up the process of financial compensation which was promised by the former governor during his visit to the area just after the disaster. The representatives have complained about the painful delay regarding the long term settlement of the IDPs of Attabad and Sarat who are living in the camps for over four month. The governor assured the representatives to take all necessary arrangements to help the affctees in term of long term settlement, education for children and employment.

Governor also addressed a gathering of students at Karimabad Degree College, where she stressed on women’s education. She said educating women is one her top most priority as it facilitates harmony, progress and stability in the society. She assured to provide all necessary support for promoting education and building a hostel for the staff of college.

Later the governor met with the communities of Ayeenabad and Shiskhat, where she has been informed regarding the difficulties faced by the people as 40 houses are submerged into the water along with thousands of acres of cultivatable land and orchards and with the continuously increasing level of water many more houses and land is in danger of submerging.

On the occasion Governor assured that the losses of affected people will be compensated, adequate arrangements will be made for the education of the students in terms of fees support and improving the existing facilities in the area. She also stated that the loans taken by the affected people will be written off. Governor assured people to issue notification for the declaring the upper Hunza as calamity hit area according the announcement made by the former Governor.

Later she has been giving briefing by the organizations engaged in the monitoring and working to establish a spillway for the water such as FOCUS, FWO and Gilgit-Baltistan Power and Works Department. She has been informed that the length of the dam is 12 Kilometers long, 263 feet deep while almost 95 feet height is still there for the water to overflow. Inflow of water into the lake is 1082 cusec on daily basis and each day 1.3 feet of water level increases. FWO informed that soon they will complete their targeted 30 mete excavation of the debris.


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