Some political leaders are politicizing the incident of Attabad, Hunza

The statement ‘Some political leaders are politicizing the incident of Attabad, Hunza’ is what the being irritated again and again by the authorities of the current government of PPP, particularly by Mr. Shah and Mr. Wazir. No doubt there will be people who would be having in mind to use the issue for political advantage and point scoring. But it does not mean that the PPP government is doing all what should have been done.

Almost four and half months have passed there is not any significant progress regarding release of water from the lake formed on Hunza river. There is no any concrete plan yet announced for the settlement 140 families of Attabad and Sarat who are living in the camps as IDPs since January 4. 2010. The government and FWO the agency responsible for the opening of the blockage of water are doing nothing notable rather it seems they are killing the time and are just trying to show their presence on site of the disaster as being engaged and concerned without genuinely being concerned.

The reports of international and national experts which indicates that the current situation is highly dangerous and the ongoing work is not sufficient to avert the danger is completely being neglected by the government authorities. If the government will do nothing more and will keep the current situation as it is now, the danger is that it will wipe-out low lying settlements of Hunza-Nagar, Gilgit and all what will come in its way and may stumble the walls of Terbela Dam. This will be a very disastrous kind of situation where nor the matter of political point scoring nor the opportunity for politicizing the matter will be there, in fact, not the PPP nor its existing political opponents will be able to have their existence in the region. So it is time for Mr. Shah and Mr. Wazir to rethink and be genuinely engage to resolve the problems people are facing.


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