[News] I have not been elected by the people so I don’t have any responsibility to them- Mutabiat Shah

Gilgit (Muhammad Irfan): Rabita Committee of Mustaseerin-e-Gojal, arranged a protest rally in front of Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly (GBLA) which was being participated by people from all over the Gilgit-Baltistan. People declared the lake as a water bomb and asked for immediate release of water from the dam.

Protesters wanted to meet Chief Minister of GB, Syed Mehdi Shah, Speaker Wazir Baig and MLA Mutabiat Shah. During the time of protest assembly was in session and on that pretext all those mentioned denied to meet with protesters. However, when protesters tried to March towards the main gate of the GBLA building, Mr. Mutabiat Shah came out along with Mirza Hussain and Agha Rahat al Hussain Hussaini, but protesters insisted to meet with CM and asked question from Mutabiat Shah regarding the problems faced by the people. Mutabiat shah stated that “I have not been elected by the people so I don’t have any responsibility to them” which angered people and they chanted slogans against Mutabiat Shah.

At the same time police button charged and scuffled with people hand to hand in order to stop them from progression towards main entrance of the Assembly gate. On the occasion many people criticized national press for not giving proper coverage to the suffering of the people.  They also criticized local press saying that nepotism is practiced by some regional and local media out-lets and they do not give coverage to ineffective and inefficient performance of the people in power to force them for immediate resolution of the problems of people, facing due to the blockage of Hunza river and KKH.   


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