[Editorial] Silence of Mutabiat Shah and Suffering of People of Hunza

Mutabiat Shah is a well known personality in all over Hunza and more so in Upper Hunza (Gojal).  He has contributed a lot during his long time service with a well known NGO in Gilgit-Baltistan for the development of the area, particularly in the Micro Credit and Micro Finance.  While after retirement he had decided to join politics, it was expected that he would be proven different than the traditional politicians who took politics as a means of power grabbing and livelihood. Mubatbiat Shah was thought to bring a change in the political system with his knowledge, skills and vigor of serving the people in real terms, listening to people and trying to voice for their legitimate needs and wants. However, these all expectation seems to be dreams of a lunatic.

Mutabiat Shah is selected for the reserved seat of technocrat for the Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly (GBLA) when the people of Upper Hunza overwhelmingly supported  PPP candidate for the GBLA seat of Hunza and with that support Wazir Baig won the election and become speaker. Interestingly while Upper Hunza (Gojal) supported Wazir Baig and won majority of votes there he lost elections in his own home town Aliabad, Hunza. Favoring people of Gojal and to pay back for their support Mutabiat Shah was chosen to be the representative of Gojal. This is a very important and noble responsibility conferred on Mutabiat Shah by the people Gojal-Hunza. However, the question arises, did Mutabiat Shah is upholding this noble responsibility and serving the people of Hunza in general and people of Upper Hunza in particular?

Answer to the above question seems to be very clear and simply a big NO. The people of Upper Hunza and particularly people in Ayeenabad, Shishkat and Gulmit (which is native town of Mutabiat Shah) are suffering the worst times of their lives after the Attabad’s disastrous land sliding, since January 4, 2010. The suffering of almost 25000 people of Upper Hunza is in front of Mutabiat Shah, he could understand the situation more than any other political leader in power, the suffering of women, children, elders, students and those who are suffering from illness, pregnant women who cannot reach to health centers, mothers who are forced deliver their babies in boats, people who lost their only sources of income and agricultural holding. Nothing is hidden from Mutabiat Shah. Then why is he so silent? Why is he bowing his head to the power and stands head to head and shoulder to should with those who are making fool of people and letting them suffer?

At this timing testing movement of their lives people of Hunza are expecting him to break his silence, leave the power comfort and join the suffering of the people, raise voice against those who are responsible but doing nothing. Conclusively it is hope that Mutabiat Shah would not remain silent and will not live any more in the comfort zone of power rather he would join where he belongs to and will contribute to resolve the issue of the people of Hunza, what he was expected and has the potential to do so.


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