[Real Stories] Views of Affected People from Disaster Hit Areas of Gojal-Hunza

Khuram (Hunza): Ms. Raheel a women from the affected area says “ My whole family spent all our lives to develop our fields and orchards, my husband passed from the world with the advice that we should take care of the lands we build by putting our blood and sweat for the sake of our childerns’ education and well being. But I am now losing my mind and conscious and I am a living dead to see that every day the lake water is taking away all that me and my husband build up.  My two sons are studying in a college/university (she was not sure) one in class 13th the other 15th (she can not name the degrees) I was sending money for their studies from the cash I got from Potatoes, Apricots, Apples and Cherry but nothing left now and I am worry that my sons will not be able to continue their education. If my sons will not be able to get 16th year level education, I will not be able to forgive myself as my husband had promised me for that, if I will not be able to fulfill his promise than how could I face him in hereafter (Qiyamat). As well as I am worried about my sons future, if they will not be educated how they will be having a good life? Every day when I see my sinking fields and orchards I get mad, my God help me please, save my lands I beg you save my lands.” She was crying, hiding her face with her hands and just walking around without any obvious purpose, but I felt she is out of her control for the what she is losing now, her lands the only source of living for her. There were tears in my eyes too, I looked at the sky, took a deep breath and with a banded head I just walked away, without looking back at the Raheel, because I feared I will lose my mind and heart too. Since than I am thinking who are responsible for the Raheel’s this state of mind?

Mr. Karim an affected person of the lake water stated that “Keeping all these in view, where you are watching that your mother land is dying out in front of your eyes, how is it possible for you to remain quite on the lake of interest of the government, not possible. Neither it is possible to remain loyal to the government which is letting you die through a slow and painful death.”

These are cries of many of our mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers who are losing their earning of lifelong which they have builded up for their safe future. But today that safe future is not any more safe, and those who are responsible consider it as a game of adventure and nature, without doing what they could do to save and help the people, which I quite possible.


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