[Education] The Aga Khan Academy (AKA), Karimabad-Hunza


“The Aga Khan Academy here at Karimabad will be our first High School and Hostel for girls in the Northern Areas and a landmark in our progress in Pakistan.[…] It is hardly possible to over-emphasise the importance of developing the intellectual capacity available to the Northern Areas. No one community or country has a monopoly of intelligence, wisdom or creativity and it seems extremely important to Me that in the years ahead every individual in the North who is creative or capable and has had access to education – whether academic or practical – should make that knowledge available for the good of his or her homeland. It does not matter which area or community that individual comes from. He or she can contribute to developing an intelligentsia which will be a permanent asset to the region and provide a genuine foundation for self-generating progress in the future.” HH Aga Khan (May 13, 1983), Karimabad, (Hunza) Pakistan

The above text from the speech of His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan on the occasion of Foundation lying Ceremony of Aga Khan Academy, Karimabad, Hunza would have seemed a far distance dream for many people familiar with the socio-economic conditions of Hunza and Gilgit-Baltistan (than known as Northern Areas). However, today after 27 years of a short period of time in the lives of people of Gilgit-Baltistan, particularly of Hunza, that dream is no more a dream, it is a reality now. Hundreds of graduates of the Aga Khan Academy, Karimabad-Hunza are now benefiting humanity across the world at highest levels of leadership positions. The graduates and teachers of of Aga Khan Academy have completeed their PhD, One of the first teachers of AKA, Dr. Dilshad Ashraf has done PhD and is head of Research and Policy Studies at the Institute for Educational Development (IED) at Aga Khan University.  There are several other who have done Masters from world renowned universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and London School of Economics (LSE), etc. and contributing in the intellectual as well as socio-economic development of society. Indeed, Aga Khan Academy would be highly satisfied with its performance and to be on the right direction of achieving the mission and vision of ‘self-generating progress’ of its great founder the HH Aga Khan.

The Alumni of Aga Khan Academy at Karachi are organizing an educational session on March 13, 2010 at SMS School Auditorium with the purpose of reflecting on the progress and looking ahead.


One Response to [Education] The Aga Khan Academy (AKA), Karimabad-Hunza

  1. shahid says:

    agha khan academy hunza has really contributed alot towards the progress of Gilgit Baltistan.Govt of pakistan should also take some initiative specially in education sector to enhance quality education.weldone the community all over the world for their voluntary services,keep it up.

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