[Editorial] International help needed for releasing water from lake at Hunza River

Water has stated to flow from the debris of the lake at Hunza River at the disaster side of Attabad. The volume of water flow is being experiencing to increase from 4 Cusecs per second to 9.4 cusec per second on March 10, 2010. The independent sources on the basis of expert evaluation are of the view that the source of flowing water is the dame. However, government departments are propagating a guessing that the source is a spring at the site of debris.

It is also observed that the flow of water is eroding the debris as well, the debris is composed of mud and stones, If the mud would be eroded considerably by the ever increasing flow of water it would weaken the strength of the blocked of the lake water. In that case it would be easier for the high pressure of massive amount of water in the lake to outburst suddenly, which would have devastating affects beyond imagination.

Keeping the above situation in view and the report of FOCUS Humanitarian Programme which is being prepared in consultation with Dr. David Petley from Durham University, UK, government should immediately take actions according to the recommendations mentioned in the report. The most important recommendation is releasing the water from the lake in phases. This is the only viable solution currently. For this propose heavy electric pumps could be installed where pipes of heavy diameter should used to transport water from the lake across the debris into the usual channel of Hunza River.

This is viable solution in March and April to work on releasing water from the lake where as in May a June the inflow of water would increasing tremendously from 200 cusec in April to 1100 in June so that by that time it will be too late. That is why, it is suggested that government of Pakistan should immediately employee all necessary resources with the help of International Organization to work on releasing the water from the lake and should not rely only on the few little bulldozers of FWO for this purpose.


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