[Report] Hunza to Terbela 500,000 people would affect, if Lake outbursts


Islamabad: FOCUS Pakistan, in consultation with a prolific Disaster Expert and academician Dr. David Petley from Durham University, UK has prepared a comprehensive report on the situation and affects of Attabad-Hunza disaster.

It is reported that in case of a sudden outburst of water from the lake formed on Hunza River, it would affect 500,000 people from Hunza to Terbela. In addition it would have reverse effects on Gilgit, Ghizer and Skardu River, which may cause sever damages in those areas. According to the data the water level in lake had risen currently to 213 feet and was rising 2 feet daily, the flow of water into the lake would increasing as the temperature will increase with every passing day, the temperature usually rise upto four degree centigrade in April.

According to the data available it is said that flow in the river was recorded at 64 cusecs in January, 65 in February, 69 in March, 83 in April, 213 in May, 901 in June and 1100 in July. So with each passing month the situation would get aggravated and pressure of water on the lake would increase and may force a sudden devastating outburst.

The repot suggests releasing the water from the dam urgently in phases. This could control the huge damages which may occur in the case of sudden outburst.


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