[News] Tiggered Striped Child Born in Gilgit- Media Hyp

The following event of birth of an unusual child in Gilgit remained a point of focus for  National Media of Pakistan as a more important issue. However this yellow journalism of National Media of Pakistan remained ignorant regarding the Attabad Disaster which has taken 20 lives and blocked 25000 people in Upper Hunza (Gojal) without any connection with outside world. The formation of lake has submerged thousands of acres of agricultural fields, Orchards and hundreds of homes which displaced hundreds of homes without sufficient food, health care and medicines. Recently a boy scout lost his life in the land sliding while he was helping women, children and elderly on the scene of Attabad Disaster on the bankd of the lake. However, for the National Media of Pakistan coverage of the birth of an unusual child remained important than the all of the above. Isn’t it a matter of shame for the champions of transparency, democracy, ethics, humanity and true information the national media of Pakistan?


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