[News] President seeks report of relief, rehabilitation measures for Atta Abad affectees

ISLAMABAD, Mar 8 (APP): President Asif Ali Zardari on Monday sought a report from Governor Gilgit Baltistan over the relief and rehabilitation measures undertaken for the landslide affectees of Atta Abad in the Hunza valley and steps for the draining of an artificial lake.The massive landslide had hit Hunza District on January 4, that led to the sliding of two villages including Atta Abad into the Hunza River. The landslide wiped-out everything in its path and the debris fell down into the Hunza River, blocking its water flow.

On that occasion, President Asif Ali Zardari, while expressing his deep shock and grief over massive landsliding that caused loss of life and destruction of private property had ordered for immediate measures to bring relief to the affected families.

The President sought a report to update him about the measures taken by Gilgit Baltistan administration and also by the federal government regarding the provision of shelter, food and medical help for the displaced people. He has also asked about the progress on measures taken to drain the artificial lake that was a growing threat to the downstream areas.


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