[News] Shezad, Boy Scout from Aliabad, Hunza Died

Hunza (Karim Salman Jervof): Shezad, known with nick name of Papu a boy scout from Aliabad, Hunza died while he was helping the brothers and sisters from upper Hunza (Gojal) at the site of blockage of Hunza River, Attabad, Hunza. Shezad has been a very diligent and committed boy scout ever ready to serve people in need. He has given his life to serve people of Hunza (Gojal) who are current facing worst time of their lives. Shezad would be remembered in the hearts and mind of the people as an golden and bright example of highest level of sacrifice for the cause of mitigating suffering of the people in need.

The boy-scouts groups from Central Hunza (Hunzu) and Lower Hunza (Shinaki) are serving on duty turn by turn on the site of blockage to transport people, run boats and help women, children and elderly to cross the difficult and life threatening passage with the orders of Ismaili Regional Council, Hunza.

The community from Hunza and Gilgit-Baltistan would be offering Fateh-e-Khwani at mosques, prayer halls and public gatherings for the Isal-e-Sawab of late Shezad and for the family, friends and loved ones for their courage and patience to bear this untimely death.  

Gilgit-Baltistan Times shares the grief and sarrow moments with the family, friends, loved ones and community of Shezd on this very sad moment.

The other person who got injured was a worker with bulldozer which are employed by Frontier Work Organization (FWO) the engineering wing of Pakistan Army, whoever FWO has disaffiliated itself from Kamran the injured person. The reasons for this disaffiliation of FWO from Kamran is not yet known.


2 Responses to [News] Shezad, Boy Scout from Aliabad, Hunza Died

  1. Late Shehzad is a real martyr who served the affected people of this natural disaster. Allah Almighty may rest his soul in eternal peace. Aameen!

  2. Hussain karim jafaq says:

    our heartiest condolence and prayers for the sad dismissal of loving shezad his blood to the brothers will not be in vain..the People of Hunza remember his sacrifice wherever they will recall this day. May God bless his soul in peace and give strength to his family to bear this loss.

    In this regard I also pay my warmest gratitude to all the volunteers, who are working days and nights to help the people of Attabad disaster.

    Hussain Karim jafaq

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