[News] Ultimatum of March 10, to Govt of Pakistan By Diamer Dam Committee

    File, Photo by: Ruzdar Ullah

Islamabad (Khaique): The Diamer Dame Committee and Members of Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly (GBLA) have given ultimatum of March 10, 2010 to the Government of Pakistan for the fulfillment of the charter of demands for Diamer-Bahsha Dam. They have stated that the charter of demand is mutually agreed by the 33 member of the Legislative Assembly of Gilgit-Baltistan and there would not be any bargain on it as it was agreed on February 25.

The representatives of the committee and member of GBLA stated that due to the imposition of the section 4 people of the area could not construct their home and they are forced live in tents. We are not opposing the construction of the dam but want to have our rights before its construction. We have sacrificed our lands and property for the benefit of our motherland but the government of Pakistan responded with bloodshed of the poor people. If by March 10 our demanded are not been accepted and it is being ignored we would consider all agreements with government of Pakistan null and void. We would also start agitation through out Gilgit-Baltistan against the construction of the dam. The Members of Legislative Assembly Bashir Ahmed Khan, Haji Janbaz, Rahmat Khaliq, Haji Gulbar Khan, Mulana Sarwar Shah and the affetees of Diamer Dam Committee Attaullah, Sadique, Muhammad Kafil, Jalal, Najeebullah, Shahfique, Shah Nasir and Mera Jan were present during the press conference.

People of Gilgit-Baltistan are not opposing the dam however, government itself is trying to irrect hurdles in the way of construction of the dam same it has done on Kalabagh Dam. Government of Pakistan is not sincere in the construction of the dam so it wants to play politics to dearly the project of the dam. Dame could only be constructed with the consent of agreement of the people of Diamer, Gilgit-Baltistan, if our rights will not be recognized in no way the dam would be build.



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