[Breaking News] Sliding at Attabad Hunza Two People got Injured

Hunza (Karim Salman Jarvof): At Attabad, Hunza land sliding occurred in which two people one member of Boy Scout and a bulldozer worker got injured. It is to be remembered that on January 4, 2010 Land sliding 20 people were died. Due to the Sliding Karakorum Highway (KKH) was blocked causing Upper Hunza to be caved in isolation as KKH is the only road linkage for Upper Hunza (Gojal) with the rest of the world. It has also blocked the Hunza River as a result two settlements of Shishkat and Ayeenabad have submerged into water the water level is extended further which will submerged parts of Gulmit, Hussani, and Passu.

It is fear the recent land sliding will cause the water level to go further up. According to geological survey 60% of Attabad has came down due the land sliding while the rest 40% could come down at any time.  It is feared that as the weather will warm up in coming days it will cause the freezing land to get lose with which their will be heightened in land sliding. At the same time the flow of water in Hunza River will also increase which will fasten the increasing level of water in the lake.


3 Responses to [Breaking News] Sliding at Attabad Hunza Two People got Injured

  1. Hameed says:

    February 2, wasn’t it January 4, plz correct the info.

  2. Dear Hameed, Thanks for correction.

    GB Times

  3. MARINA says:


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