[Report] Conference Natural Disaster in Karakurom (Hunza)


A conference ‘Natural Disaster in Karakurom (Hunza) and its Impact of Indus Basin’ held at National Press Club Islamabad on March 2, 2010 organized by Sungi Development Organization.

The speakers of the conference have stressed on providing reliable information on the impact of the Attabad Disaster, within Hunza and down stream taking into consideration the 22 bridges on KKH. Second they stressed on providing alternative economic activities for the people of Hunza who were have subsistence forming but due to the blockage of the KKH the agricultural activities will be adversely affected.

Third education of the students who were dependent on the incomes of their families from the subsistence agricultural activities would suffer severally and may not be able to continue their education so that educational assistance programmes should be provided to them. For the transportation purpose the existing boats are highly risky and unsuitable for travelling of children, women and elderly. The boats are not suitable even for young and youthful due to the leakage of freezing water of Hunza River into the boats, those who are travelling face hardship in the chili weather and often get sick when out of boats.

Finally for the release of water from the dame it is stressed to utilized all the available sources within Pakistan and out-side  Pakistan. In this regard beside politicians, General Farooq the head of National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) was highly criticized for his fake promises and misleading the people of Gilgit-Baltistan as well as for his horribly ineffective role which is becoming a major cause of washing out of the Hunza Valley.


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