[Report] People from Gojal-Hunza defending Pakistan but their own homes are drowning

Hunza (Karim Salman Jervof): While 25000 people of Gojal-Hunza are experiencing a toughest time of their lives because of the post effects of Attabad disaster, which has caved them in isolation and have snatched their generations old valuables to which they have giving their blood and sweat to build up.  They are losing their homes, orchards, fields, schools, hospitals and roads in a gradual way in front of their eyes. Many people relate it with a painful death which could be experienced while a barbarian would be taking life of a human by cutting the body parts gradually on the daily basis till death finally comes to the person. A death like this could be a lot miserable than a sudden demise or that happens because of a natural death.

In Shishkat and Ayeenabad people are observing helplessly each day while many of their loved and dear homes are gradually submerging into continually increasing level of lake water. Many people of the area have been reported to have emotional shocks and psychological implications and trauma. A group of journalist from Hunza visited the affected people and recorded some of their views of affected people as below:

Note able of the area Lumbardar Ghulam Qadir, Shahib Khan and Shah Gul Aziz, stated that ‘we are not happy with the process and speed of the work to release water from the lake. It can not save us from submerging as already have lost many valuable things and our two villages. Yet now even 50% work has not been done. We have got boats but they are not effective, it is very difficult for women, children and elderly to travel. They are highly risky for our lives, even than we are travelling in them as we do not have any other option.’

Wasim a very young student aged 11 describes the situation ‘I have lost play ground were I was used to play with my friends, our village is drowning into the water and now I do not have any place to play with my friends’.

Anila a very bright students is worried and vey sad about her future. She states that ‘I feel very sad looking at the situation of our area as water is taking it up daily. I am worried about my studies and I don’t know if my parents would be able to pay the fee for my education or not’.

Sarah a women with children where as her husband is a soldier of Pakistan Army states that ‘My husband is defending Pakistan on the borders, but there is no one to protect our home, as our home is drowning into water of the disastrous lake.’


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