[News] Promise of PPP Declaring Hunza as Calamity Hit Area Unfulfilled

Karachi (Qurban): Addressing a meeting of Gojal-Hunza Rabat Committee (GHRC) at Karachi, the senor PPP leadership of Karachi belonging to Gilgit-Baltistan, Sardar Alam, Nazir Gojali and Ali Madad had promised that Chief-Minister of GB would declare Hunza as calamity hit area on March 1, 2010. However, yet today no statement came regarding declaring Hunza as calamity hit area from Chief Minister of GB, Syed Mehdi Shah who is head of the PPP government in Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly (GBLA).

No clarification has come from Sardar Alam or Nazir Gojali or Ali Madad regarding silence of Chief Minister for the promise they have made with the Gojal-Hunza Rabat Committee (GHRC).

It is to be noted that Upper Hunza (Gojal) is severally suffering in terms of economic, social, educational, health and transportation due to the blockage of Karakuram Highway (KKH) which is the only road that links the 25000 people of Gojal-Hunza with the rest of the world. Whereas due to the blockage of Hunza the resultant dam has engulfed the huge settlements of Ayeenabad and Shiskat and is moving towards Gulmit the biggest settlement and administrative head quarter of Thesil Gojal-Hunza.

 According to the reports Children and Women are suffering most in terms of health care and lake of available food stock as the blockage of road for over two months have isolated the area. Pakistani government said to be unhelpful and does not have the capacity to work for the relief of the people so by declaring Hunza and particularly Gojal as calamity hit area international donors could be accessed for much need support to save the lives.


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