[News] Save Gojal Protest Rally in Lahore

Photos By: Khurshid Ahmad Jan

Lahore (Sardar Alam): A protest rally held at Lahore by the Gojal Rabbat Committee (GRC) where the protestors mainly condemned the inaction of the government regarding inaction to resolve the issue of the affected people of Upper Hunza (Gojal) due the formation of lake on Hunza River as aftermath of Attabad disaster.

The protester have also torched effigy of the speaker of Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly (GBLA) Mr. Wazir Baig. It is to be remembered that Wazir Baig was having wining votes from (Upper Hunza) as a candidate of PPP in the election held in November 2009. However, the protesters have spared Mr. Mutabiat Shah, the technocrat selected member of GBLA who belongs to Gulmit,

The other main point of the protesters silence of the main stream national media of Pakistan which has adopted a suspicious silence over the huge damages occurred due the blockage of Karakuram Highway (KKH) and Hunza River.



3 Responses to [News] Save Gojal Protest Rally in Lahore

  1. it seems, that the effigy of Mutabait shah was not torched.

    Mutabitat is not an elected representative, while Wazir Baig is elected and the voters have all rights to express their anger.

    And by the way, let me just give you an inside story. Do you know who was the first person to call the protesters in Lahore to convey “Mubarakbadi”?? How could you?

    Your Sardar Alam,a fake name as it is, would not be able to tell you much :-p

    Hafiz Hafeez ur Rehman called a leader of the protest (who happens to be a buddy) to “congratulate” him for burning the speaker’s effigy.

    Open your eyes and heart. If you seek reality.

  2. Kashif says:

    this is the time all people of Gilgit-Baltistan should be togather to work for all problems. It is Haram in Islam to make even effegi of some one. Even Zardari said to his worker not to put in fire the effegi of Nawaz Sharif. But Wazir Baig is our brother, if people of Hunza are civilized they should not do what they are doing with kicking effegies and fire.

    We should respect both Wazir Baig and Mutabiat Shah they both are responsible for our problems and issue for helping us.

    Gojal is drowning Mutabiat Shah is our representative he should force Wazir Baig to work for Gojal, both are Jiyalas of PPP. If it is wrong they both are wrong if it is right both are right in the case of lake. I have seen both Wazir Baig and Mutabiat Shah traveled in helicopter, and boats as well so they are togather.

    It hurt me to see uncivilized work of firing effegies of political opponents which even Zaradari dont like, how civilized people of Hunza could do.


  3. Paroo says:

    Mr. Kashif with all due respects i must tel that it also hurts when people die without medicines and treatment, it also hurts to be prey of negligence, it also hurts when people live under psycho-social trauma, it also hurts when people experience the slow death and see their land drowning and people of currently living all these situations and a lot more… the ones who are in power to address these issues need to be set on fire if they don’t do what they are supposed to do or what they are expected to do. wazir baig isn’t able to do the needful and he should resign or will face such outrageous acts….

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