[News] Hunza should be declared calamity hit area-PPP

Karachi (Salman): A meeting of Gojal-Hunza Save committee meeting held in Karachi in which leaders belonging to PPP from Hunza participated. Among the participants were belonging to PPP were Sardar , Ali Madad and Nazir Gojali. While the Gojal-Hunza Save Committee (GHSC) in the meeting was represented by Amir Ali, Khush Jan, Nisar ali Khan, Muzafar and Noor Khan .

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the post ralley situation and developing a future strategy to negotiate with the government regarding the issue of Lake at Hunza River as a aftermath of Attabad Disaster in which the settlements of Shishkat and Ayeenabad have submerged in to the water.

The committee and leaders of PPP were being informed regarding the latest situation in which it was decided to focus of pressurizing the Government to declare Gojal including Attabad, Sarat and Salman Abad as calamity hit area. It is a major shift from the previous stand of demanding to speed up the release of water. The shift of demand has been taken considering the reality that Government of Pakistan whatsoever it will do is not in positions and does not have the capacity to release the water. So if the area would be declared calamity hit area than it will pave way for the International Humanitarian Agencies and governments to take initiatives to help the people of Hunza to mitigate the effects of the lake. It has also been emphasize to take common agenda points from Hunza ot Karachi to resolve the issue.

In this regard Sardar a PPP leader from Hunza has assured that participants to arrange a meeting with Raza Rabani while he will be visiting Karachi tomorrow and assured his support at all platforms with considering his party affiliations.  


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