Mr. Speaker Come out of Fools’ Paradise and Save the Lives


It is a high time for the political leadership of Hunza and Gilgit-Baltistan to show the real faces and do not use malpractices of the old times. One thing is very important to be kept tin mind for the elected or selected leadership of either those who belongs to Giglit-Baltistan or coming from any other parts of the Pakistan, that people in Hunza are much more vigilant, aware and educated than they could think.

Mr. Speaker of Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly (GBLA) would you be kind and bold enough to accept that the boats that are being used for the travel of the affected people of Shishkat and Ayeenabad are worst of their kind. People travelling in those boats are risking their lives, as you could clearly see the level of water inside the boat is equal to that out-side it, so at any time they could sink with so many precious lives. If an unfortunate incident happens where a boat sinks, is there any rescue service available? No, not at all. Mr. Speaker you are requested to come out of the fools’ paradise and immediately arrange safe and appropriate boats, in which our sisters, mothers, children and elderly could travel comfortably.

At the same time many of those who instead of chipping in and using their resources and wisdom are trying to politicize the suffering of the people of Attabad, Sarat, Shishkat, Ayeenabad  and  over all that of Hunza are doing a disservice to the people.  Your emotional and irrational thought and crying in the air and blind shots would satisfy your personal ego but is harmful for the poor people who are suffering. You need to listen and think that what the people who are suffering under the helplessness situation partly due to the natural disaster and partly due to the inactive and malfunctioning of the government are going under the hilarious time of their lives. Shame on those, who with personal agendas exploit the situation.

You Mr. Speaker and Mr. Chief Minister come to your conscious, open your eyes, don’t try to make people your damn fools, when they are not. Get the courage to tell the truth what you cannot do and do without wasting your time what you can. There will be shame on you if you could not help people either by telling what is true or by doing what you can.


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