[News] In Chilas 2 men are shot dead and several are being injured by Police

Chilas-Gilgit-Baltistan (Subhan Farooq): In Chilas 2 man are shot dead and several are severely injured due to the firing of Police and Frontier Constabulary. Attaullah the spoke person for the Diamer Dame Affectees movement stated that the people of Diamer who would be affected if Diamer-Bahsha Dam would be build, were having a peaceful demonstration in front of the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) of Pakistan. They were demanding payment for the lands taken by the government in 2006 but no payment has yet been made and the landholders have been stopped from any development or construction work on these lands. Due to imposition of band on development and construction on the lands and non-payment of compensation by the government of Pakistan the poor people of area are heavily suffering in term of economic. The government has shown very high handedness with brutal use of power and unjustifiably torturing people of the area.

Safder Ali the spoke person for Syed Mehdi Shah, Chief Minsiter for Gilgit-Baltistan stated that the protesters had burnt the hostel and were firing so in retaliation the police have fired on the people and have killed two men and several were injured. However, there is no report of even a tiny injury to any policemen present on the scene.

Haji Abdul Qudoos the former member of GBLA and political representative from the Chila stated that Government of Pakistan is brutalizing the people of Gilgit-Baltistan considering them weak. Now we are not going to let government of Pakistan to build the dam in our area. If they want to build a dam go and build it in Kalabagh, Pakistani government in order to save their own people is brutalizing and terrorizing people of Gilgit-Baltistan as is building Diamer-Bahsha dam for Pakistan’s selfish purpose.

On the floor of National Assembly of Pakistan Hyder Abbas Rizvi of MQM and Marvi Memon raised the issue. The Prime Minister of Pakistan has said that a committee has been established which will investigate the issue and killing of people in Diamer.


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