[News] Boat Riding in the Lake at Hunza River

Aliabad-Hunza (Karim Salman Jervof): The Chief Minister and Speaker Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly (GBLA) enjoying the boats as its first passengers, the boats have been found faulty and unsuitable to the conditions of the area. At the same time the water level in the lake is raising rapidly touching the Shiskhat-Gulmit bridge, in a few days the bridge would submerge in the water which will render Shishkat as a water locked Island.

Since the faulty boats have arrived the work on making way for spillage of water from the lake has almost come to a halt. The four excavator machines have sunk into the debris.

People of Hunza, particularly Shiskhat and Ayeenabad, Gojal-Hunza are in state of shock and misery due to unavailability of any proper help and support. In this regard people of Gojal-Hunza have staged protest rallies to demand from the government for their immediate relief. The demands includes, 1) Spillage of water form the dam, 2) Declaring Gojal-Hunza as a calamity hit area, 3) Provision of trade with China by allowing import of essential items for relief such as flour, oil, fuel, and other food items and dresses 4) Provision of import of fertilizers and other essential item for agriculture purpose 5) Providing relief in terms of medicines and doctors, 6) Ensuring the means of safe transportation for patients to the medical facilities in Gilgit and Islamabad 7) Ensuring the safe transportation of more than 250 students to their colleges in Gilgit, Islamabad and down country.



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