[News] IDPs of Attabad, Hunza Have no Proper Access to Health, Education and Nessary Winter Accessaries

Altit, Hunza (Salman Karim Jerovf): Talking to GB TIMES, Mr. Faryad the spoke person for Attabad, Hunza IDPs stated that the major problem that is being considered by the IDPs of Attabad and Sarat, Hunza are the education of children, although more than one month has passed but no arrangements have been made for the schooling of 200 children and the academic session is going to start from February 15, 2010 after winter vocations.

The second problem is the health facilities, there are two hundred families with more than 1200 people including women and children are living in the camps of Altit, Hunza but no health facility has been setup for there treatment. There are acute problems of health with women and children. In her last visit Nelofer Bakhtiar the Chairperson of Red Crescent has promised to establish a health center but no action has been taken yet in this regard. In addition five families who are suffering heightened illness were told to be provided treatment at GHQ hospital in Giglit but no action has been taken yet in this regard as well.

It seem to be highly illogical to setup the stores for the storage of relief good in Gilgit city of the Gilgit District, where as IDPs are living at Altit, in Hunza-Nagar District, and there is almost currently a travel distance of 5 hours within both districts. The relief items sent by the Punjab government amounting to Rs. 5.000,000 have reached to the Gilgit storage long back but they have not yet been delivered by the Gilgit Administration to the IDPs that is causing tremendous hardship for the people in the very harsh cold weather. Currently there is immediate need for quilts, shoes, dresses and medicines for the IDPs which should be immediately provided.

The Government of Gilgit-Baltistan and Administration is asked to immediately shift the stores of IDPs to Altit, Hunza, where the IDPs are located instead of having them in Gilgit. The setting of stores in Gilgit at a distance of 5 hours without any logic is casting doubts of misappropriation, corruption and embezzlement of the good by the government and administrant of Gilgit-Baltistan. The Chief Minister and Speaker Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly should take immediate notice and shift the stores to Altit, Hunza and ensure delivery of the good to IDPs.


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