[News] Displaced people might become shelter less in Hunza

Altit, Hunza (Karim Salman Jarovef):Government needs to take immediate steps to provide a permanent settlement plane for the displaced people from Attabad, Sarat, Ayeenabad and Shishkat. Due to the disastrous land sliding people of Attabad and Sarat are living in the camps setup in the DJ School, New Bacon School Altit, and Government Primary School, since January 4, 2010. More than one month have passed there is not yet any concrete plan presented by the government other than the initially taken some positive steps to provide immediate relief.

Problem is getting worsen as the winter vocations of schools are going to end in February 15, 2010. In these schools almost 1000 students are studying, now due to the camps in the schools it is feared that their academic days will be suffered. It is not only the student of the above mentioned three schools rather the students of the affected areas too are facing the risk of their academic schedule, as they are now without school. However, government is not yet been able to do any thing practical to settle down these serious issues other than verbal and often too lose commitments. The situation is further aggravating the frustration level of the parents and community as they could not afford to lose education of their children’s at any cost.

Therefore it is required to take immediate steps to provide residencies to the displaced people so the students could continue their education without lose of their academic colander days. If the students will continue their education in these school building displaced people will become shelter less.


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